A picture of Sydney standing in front of the water. They have red hair and are wearing flannel. They are smiling with their hand under their chin.

Executive Editor:

Sydney Smithgall

Sydney Smithgall is a third year studying English and creative writing on the publishing track. They are currently a student writer for the Iowa Reading Research Center and an Honors Writing Fellow. Outside of work, Sydney loves writing poetry and hiking - occasionally at the same time.

A picture of Vera. They are sitting in a parking lot and are smiling. They have a pink sweatshirt on as well as colourful pants.

Managing Editor:

Vera Snodgrass

Vera Snodgrass is a senior at the University of Iowa majoring in Creative Writing on the Publishing track. Outside of New Moon they like to run and doodle over notes. They love all things science fiction and horror and write some of it from time to time.

A picture of Tori. She is standing in a field and smiling. She is wearing a white tank top and a yellow baseball cap.

PR & Social Media Director:

Tori Hummel 

Hey, I'm Tori Hummel, a current senior working as the PR and Social Media Manager. When I'm not promoting New Moon, I'm emotionally invested in a romance novel, drinking a caramel latte with my friends, or rewriting pages for my latest book idea.

A picture of Olivia. She is standing in a forest and smiling. She is wearing a green tank top and a dark denim jacket.
Production Director:
Olivia George

Olivia George is a senior at the University of Iowa majoring in English and Creative Writing (publishing track). Besides directing production they love anything fantasy and horror. She is excited to continue working with New Moon magazine this year.

A picture of Dennie. They are smiling and are outside. They are wearing a pink shirt and pink lipstick.

Creative Director:

Dennie Addis

Dennie is a junior majoring in English and Creative Writing on the publishing track with a minor in News and Media Literacy. Outside of their work with New Moon and their classes, their time is spent playing in TTRPG campaigns with their friends and trying to get through their ever-growing TBR list.

Katherine headshot

Creative Director:

Katherine Steahly 

Katherine Steahly is studying visual art and creative writing here at UIowa. She’s incredibly eager to collaborate on the design with the New Moon Magazine team.

Prose Editors

A picture of Elisa, taken as a selfie. She is in front of a window. She is wearing a dark t-shirt with yellow lettering.

Elisa Burba

Elisa is a third-year student majoring in both English and History with a minor in Gender, Woman’s, and Sexuality Studies. Originally from Marietta, Georgia, she is the parent of an adorable cat named Yennifer.

A picture of Maia. She is on the beach and is smiling. She is wearing a dark grey sweatshirt that says "Quebec" and is holding her shoes in her hands.

Maia Dickinson

Maia Dickinson is a senior majoring in Sociology and minoring in English. She loves working with New Moon to share a variety of student work with the community. She enjoys reading the daily poem, walking in the park, writing stories, and reading long emotional books.


Samantha headshot

Samantha Stagmier

Samantha Stagmier is originally from Roseville, California and came to the University of Iowa to study English and Creative Writing. She also has a minor in Art. In addition to writing, her hobbies include drawing, dance, and playing video games. She is currently a Prose Editor at New Moon Magazine. 

Poetry Editors

Jes headshot

Jessica Quintero

Jessica Quintero is studying English/Creative Writing at the University of Iowa. She enjoys connecting to communities through literature and is excited to do that as a poetry editor at New Moon this year!

Naomi is standing in a room smiling. One hand is visible resting against her cheek.

Naomi Rivera

Naomi Rivera is a senior majoring in English and Creative Writing. She is excited to be a part of New Moon and cannot wait to read your poems! 

Charice is sitting in a coffee shop smiling. She is wearing a blue cardigan over a white shirt.

Charice Salazar

Charice Salazar is a third-year student who just recently made the switch to Journalism & Mass Communication, with a Certificate in Writing. Aside from writing and consuming media at-large, she fills her time with grandma activities like crocheting clothes and making little trinkets for herself and her friends (and their cats).