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Editor in Chief:

Nicholas Runyon

Nicholas Runyon is a senior at the University of Iowa majoring in English and creative writing. In addition to his work with New Moon, he is a fiction editor at earthwords: the undergraduate literary review and an intern at The Iowa Review. He reads and writes both literary and fantasy fiction, dabbles in a poem or two, and has an accent that no one has been able to pin down, even in his hometown of Martinsville, NJ.

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Creative Director:

Jeff Piekarz

Jeff Piekarz is a senior at the University of Iowa majoring in English and creative writing, while also pursuing ASL and Philosophy minors. He is involved with earthwords, patchwork, Zenith, IYWP, and New Moon, but loves his positions in all of them equally! He hopes to use all of that experience to one day break into the world of publishing.

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PR Director:

Sydney Nguyen

Sydney is a junior majoring in English and Creative Writing and minoring in Communication Studies. They are an international student from Vietnam who has a strong interest in advocating for the international student community and marginalized identity groups at the University of Iowa. As the PR Director of New Moon Magazine, Sydney strives for easy accessibility to literature for all and an equal representation of underrepresented voices. 

Prose Editors

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Ting Gao

Ting Gao is a third-year student studying English and Creative Writing with a minor in French, whose biggest weakness is her inability to finish anime. Her work has appeared in earthwords, Boundless, and the Iowa City Poetry in Public Program, among others. In her free time, she likes to doodle, take long walks, and pet dogs.


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Mallika Singh

Mallika is a junior majoring in English and Creative Writing and International Relations. She’s from Haryana, India and is passionate about writing, reading, music and martial arts. 

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Morgan Corbett

Morgan Corbett is a third-year English and Creative Writing student on the Publishing Track with minors in Cinema and Theatre. Outside of New Moon Magazine, she works as an English Department Ambassador, a Writing Copy Editor at Wilder Things Magazine, and a Resident Assistant in Petersen Hall.

Poetry Editors

Cassidy Headshot

Cassidy Pekarek

Cassidy Pekarek (she/her) is a queer writer and artist currently studying English & Creative Writing and Art History with a minor in Studio Art at the University of Iowa. She is a poetry reading team member for patchwork lit mag and a nonfiction editor for earthwords: The Undergraduate Literary Review, and her work has been previously published in Ink Lit Mag, Spect Magazine, and Zenith Lit Mag. She is so excited to join New Moon as a poetry editor, as she hopes to further give back to Iowa City’s literary community by helping others get their work published!

Sarah Headshot

Sarah Inouye

Sarah Inouye is a sophomore studying english and creative writing. Beside her work with New Moon she is also a poetry editor for Uiowa’s Earthwords. She is a local to the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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Henry Edlin

Henry Edlin is a junior majoring in English and Creative Writing and Educational Studies and Human Relations. Outside of New Moon, he is a member of the CUE Committee and an intern for the IYWP.