New Moon Magazine is a literary journal at the University of Iowa specializing in flash fiction, flash nonfiction, and short poetry. It's released monthly and it comes in the form of just one sheet of paper, printed front and back with work from undergraduates. 

New Moon Magazine is a registered student organization at the University of Iowa and is generously supported by the Magid Center for Undergraduate Writing. 

Mission Statement

New Moon Magazine promotes the literary voices of undergraduates at the University of Iowa by providing the University and Iowa City community consistent, curated access to those voices. Through its accessible format, frequent publication, and presence in public spaces, New Moon aims to be a central element of how the public experiences literature in Iowa City. Through its accessibility, New Moon further aims to promote other campus literary publications and foster an enthusiastic joint-readership. New Moon also provides its staff with the experience of producing a literary magazine on an intensive schedule and adjusting to the reactions of its readership.

Ethics Statement

As a campus publication and one of many stewards of Iowa City’s literary community, New Moon Magazine upholds values of creativity and inclusion. As such, New Moon is interested in publishing challenging work that deals thoughtfully with serious subject matter. In accordance with statements made by the U.I. Office of the Dean of Students, New Moon does not publish hate speech of any kind, which according to the Office of the Dean of Students “often refers to speech that insults or demeans a person or group of people on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability or gender.” New Moon also does not publish statements which defame or harass individual people. In setting these parameters, New Moon acknowledges that the intent of an author is not always easily ascertained, but that individual readers can be affected by texts in ways that the author did not intend. New Moon occasionally amends content warnings to pieces that deal with potentially triggering subject matter. New Moon sometimes consults campus community leaders as part of these considerations, which may involve submitted work being shared with people outside of the editorial board. 

Opinions expressed in published materials associated with New Moon Magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the magazine, its staff members, or the University of Iowa. The activities of New Moon Magazine are not necessarily sponsored or approved by the University of Iowa.

Submissions to New Moon are read blind by a team of impartial genre editors and accepted or denied based on literary merit, potential for reader engagement, and sometimes, as must be acknowledged, the publication’s formatting constraints. Members of the editorial board may submit pieces to genres for which they are not on the genre team, but are obliged to abstain from the acceptance/denial process for those pieces. Members are also encouraged to consider abstaining from the process for any piece they recognize from outside the submission environment, although they can use their best judgement of whether or not there is potential for bias. Occasionally, New Moon holds events where people read their work, and are encouraged to submit that or other work to New Moon as a promotional effort; when evaluating work they recognize from such an event, members of the editorial staff are especially stalwart in evaluating only the work on the page, as opposed to any factors involving the identity of the author or their performance of the work.